What's Inside?

Practical, self-paced lessons help you realize your goals for your students.

    1. Welcome & Outcomes!

    2. What Do You Most Want to Learn?

    3. Personalize Your Self-Paced Learning Plan & Schedule Coaching Calls

    1. VIDEO – Introducing Six Essentials

    2. VIDEO – Shift from Nouns to Verbs

    3. VIDEO & DOWNLOAD - An Introduction to Each Essential

    4. VIDEO & DOWNLOAD – Why All Six Essentials Matter

    5. REFLECTION QUESTIONS – Reflect on Strengths and Challenges

    6. SURVEY- Share your reflections and/or questions with Tonya.

    1. What are Equitable Classroom Conversations?

    2. Clarifying Expectations with Student-Friendly Success Criteria

    3. VIDEO – Which Personal Topics Make the Best Conversations?

    4. VIDEO – Which Academic Tasks Make the Best Conversations?

    5. VIDEO – Which Conversation Structures Do We Choose and Lose?

    6. AUDIO – When Students Are Silent . . .

    1. PLAN - Plan an equitable, high-level conversation.

    2. ENGAGE & OBSERVE - Try the conversation with students and observe.

    3. REFLECT - Self-Reflect on Student's Demonstrated Strengths & Challenges

    4. SURVEY - Share your reflections and/or questions with Tonya

    1. VIDEO - Motivate with Purpose

    2. VIDEO – Introducing the Four-Step Routine

    3. VIDEO AND TEMPLATE - Plan to Use the Four-Step Routine

    4. DEMO LESSON - Four-Step Routine in Kindergarten

    5. DEMO LESSON - Four-Step Routine in 6th Grade

    1. PLAN - Plan the Four Step Routine

    2. ENGAGE, OBSERVE & REFLECT - Try the Four Step Routine with students.

    3. SURVEY - Share your reflections and/or questions with Tonya

Practical & Relevant to What You Teach Every Day

  • Video Lessons
  • Practical Planning Templates
  • 1 - 1 Coaching with Tonya Ward Singer

Who Should Attend?

  • K -12 classroom teachers of all content areas and grade levels.
  • Teacher leaders, specialists, co-teachers, and coaches.
  • Teacher teams and co-teaching duos.
  • ML/EL/ESOL teachers who teach students and/or support teachers.
  • Rave Reviews

    "Tonya Ward Singer is an energetic presenter who facilitates learning in a fun atmosphere. The resources and activities are relevant for educators of all content areas and grade levels. I highly recommend!"

    Jodi McClure, Teacher, Indiana

    “One of the best professional learning opportunities I have attended in my 15 years as an educator. It has definitely helped me in moving educators take the step from theory to action.”

    Michelle Gill, ELL Helping Teacher, British Columbia

    "Insightful and informative! With the book and what my team learned with Tonya, we can take back today and start directly applying and supporting our students and teachers. We are now helping open doors for equity!"

    Santiago A. Meza, Principal, California

    "EL Excellence Every Day is an easy to use resource for all educators. Tonya Ward Singer's passion for English learners is evident and contagious. She reminds us of the importance of giving ALL students the opportunity to put language and communication skills into everyday practice."

    Lori Gore, EL Instructional Coordinator for K-12, Louisiana

    “When was the last time you were able to take the great ideas of a book and actually implement them into your classroom? This course gives you that opportunity and makes it happen. Useful techniques from a real teacher presented in a thoughtful and empathetic manner. Win Win.”

    Jerry Koontz, EAL Teacher, Shanghai, China

    "Tonya's online workshop provided an explanation of strategies to create a routine, and she modeled and integrated the strategies into the online PD! I plan to use these strategies for student engagement and participation immediately! This was definitely worth my time! Thank you!"

    Alison Fleischer, ENL Teacher, Indiana


    Apply six essential mindsets and actions to ensure multilingual learners (MLs)—and all students—thrive with high-level learning in your lessons every day.

    • Engage all students in high-level conversations, reading and writing across the curriculum.

    • Use a Four-Step Routine to deepen language, higher-order thinking, academic literacy, and student confidence with the texts you teach.

    • Choose, lose and adapt scaffolds strategically to accelerate learning without watering it down.

    Book-to-Action Design

    This professional learning series helps you apply the mindsets and pedagogy of EL Excellence Every Day to make intellectually-rich K-12 learning accessible to all. The book is required, and not included in your registration: order a copy from your favorite bookseller today.

    What's Included?

    • Self-Paced Learning

      Registration includes four-month access to self-paced lessons and classroom demonstration videos that help you build background and apply learning to classroom action, reflection, and impact.

    • 1 - 1 Coaching Calls

      Two 60-minute 1-1 coaching calls with Tonya Ward Singer designed and scheduled to support your self-paced learning to realize your priority goals.

    • Easy-to-Use Templates

      Use Tonya's planning and book-to-action teaching templates to apply your learning into classroom action with ease. Make high-level engagement in conversations and academic literacy routine!


    Tonya Ward Singer

    Tonya Ward Singer is a bestselling author and professional learning leader who helps K-12 educators transform teaching for equity and multilingual student achievement. Teachers and administrators describe her work as groundbreaking, dynamic, practical, relevant, and impactful. Tonya's bestselling books include Breaking Down the Wall, EL Excellence Every Day, and Opening Doors to Equity. She has taught at multiple levels, and thrives helping educators collaborate courageously for equitable, engaging schools.


    • Who should attend?

      • K -12 classroom teachers of all content areas and grades who serve at least one language learner.
      • Teacher leaders, specialists, co-teachers and coaches.
      • Teacher teams and co-teaching duos.
      • Administrators who support impactful core teaching.

      To benefit from the theory-to-action, action-to-impact components of this professional learning, it is highly recommended that leaders who don't teach students enroll with classroom teachers, and collaborate for classroom actions.

      Register 6 or more individuals and save $75 per person. Learn more about group registration and VIP partnership options here.

    • How long can we access the online content?

      All registered participants will have access to the self-paced content in this professional learning design for four months after the date of the first live, virtual workshop.

      In addition, on the day you register, you will receive immediate access to the first units– WELCOME and BEFORE–to help you build background and prepare to join us live!

    • Is this a training of trainers?

      This is not a training of trainers. This is a book-to-action learning experience designed to help each participant use the mindsets, pedagogy and resources in EL Excellence Every Day effectively to directly impact student participation and learning. Individual registration gives you individual license to access the content including videos, downloads and templates- for your personal learning and use. It is not permitted to not duplicate, distribute or project the content in any medium to people who have not registered for these events.

      If you are an administrator, please recruit teams of teachers and teacher leaders to register to join us. You get a discount when you register 6+ educators at the same time. Learn more about group registration and VIP partnership benefits here.

    • What are your cancelation and transfer policies?

      • Registration may be canceled within 48 hours of purchase for a full refund, minus a $50 processing fee.
      • Registration may be transferred to another person, up until seven days before the event. There is a $50 fee for transfers.
      • A missed Zoom event is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • How do we register a group?

      The best learning is collaborative, and you save when you register multiple individuals at one time. You save 25% and more when you register a team. Learn more about group registration and VIP partnership benefits here.

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      We will be happy to support your registration process!

      Questions? Contact us at support@tonyasinger.com

    • What funding sources can we use?

      This interactive academy builds teacher capacity to apply research-based practices to effectively accelerate both content literacy and language learning with Multilingual Learners and students from historically marginalized student populations. Possible local funding sources for including Title I, Title II, Title III, and ESSER.

    • Do you accept purchase orders?

      Registering directly with a credit card on the secure learn.courageousliteracy.com site is the fastest way to reserve your spot.

      Group registrations of 6 or more individuals registering at the same time are eligible for both a discount and payment via organizational check or purchase order. Click here to learn more or request a group registration.